• June 26, 2019

  • Betty is a smart cleaning robot for bathrooms and windows. *Enjoy your free time doing the thing you love and leave the dirty work to Betty


    Automatic cleaning
    While cleaning, Betty mimics the human hand – she applies pressure on the surface and rotates the microfibre mops while navigating on the best path, leaving no traces.


    3 cleaning modes
    Betty can clean in 3 modes: first to the top, then right, left-to-right and right-to-left.


    Vacuum absorption
    Betty uses strong suction to stick to the surface she’s cleaning. How strong? So strong that she can even clean your ceiling windows.


    Strong suction to stick and clean well
    Betty creates strong suction through the microfibre pads and sticks to any smooth surface (5600Pa). The suction is so strong that Betty can withstand an additional weight amounting up to 5kg. *Please, don’t use Betty as your fitness buddy.

    “Isn’t she going to fall???”

    No, she’s not. Or at least the chance of falling is almost 0% as Betty also has frame-sensors. Betty even has an in-built battery, which allows her to continue sticking to the surface for 20 minutes in case there’s a power outage.
    4 additional meters


    Betty can reach any place thanks to the 4-meter extension cord. When you add the power supply length, the total range is 5 meters.


    Windows may be her favourite, but Betty can also clean (all) flat surfaces
    Although windows are one of the worst to clean by hand, Betty can also help you clean bathrooms, mirrors, the floor, bathroom shower cabins and many others. Can you imagine a life without bothersome cleaning of bathrooms? We can!

    For frequently asked questions and technical information go HERE.

    Inside the box:
    In Betty box you will find: Betty, 12pcs microfibre mops, atomiser, power supply (1m), extension cable (4m), user manual, 2pcs spare vacuum rings, remote control with batteries and safety rope when using Betty on the outside part of the windows.


    MClimate is a Bulgarian company with the mission to make every home smart. MClimate was founded by Lyubomir Yanchev when he was at the age of 19. Now, 5 years later, the company is selling its products in more than 50 countries around the world. A large part of MClimate’s portfolio is completely designed in Bulgaria and it has been producing in Veliko Turnovo and Pleven. Some products, part of the company’s portfolio, are made in China as in this case MClimate strives to offer products with highest-quality on the market and provides warranty service at their repair service in Bulgaria.

    Some of the company’s products are produced in China in which case MClimate makes sure to offer only best-quality pieces and that their warranty service is carried out in their service station in Bulgaria.


    Lyubomir Yanchev
    / Director of MClimate /
    Betty is a great product that saves a lot of time and effort for families. Time that can be spent much better than by cleaning windows and bathrooms. We went through the products of over 30 factories in China until we found the best robot. Betty is not designed and manifactured by us, but we believe that with products like this one we also give to the beginners in smart homes a taste of a more relaxed and time-consuming world.”

    The standard price of Betty is €183 including VAT but from June 24, 2019 to July 24, 2019 you will have the chance to get Betty at a discount for €163 including VAT (€20 discount).

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