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Air Conditioner - Is It Healthy? Melissa Climate
  • January 30, 2017

    It’s freezing outside… no problem the air conditioner will take care of that. Awesome.

    It’s really hot outside….no problem the air conditioner will take care of that too. Awesome again.

    We are strongly attached to this climate changer but have we ever thought – “is this healthy?”


    The air conditioning systems need to be extremely well-maintained, checked and cleaned because of all the breathing problems and infections they might bring. Here are some of the consequences that we should know:


    Do you hear a scratching sound when you touch your skin?


    The more time you spend in an air-conditioned environment, the dryer your skin may become, as the cold, dry air can cause your skin to lose its moisture. Your hair may suffer such ill effects as well.


    Your air conditioner may cause you breathing problems


    The first thing to know: OFTEN CHANGE YOUR FILTERS, they are a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and fungi. The air conditioning systems can be a motherland to black mold, and you don’t want to breathe the air, coming out of a moldy air conditioner. It’s full of microorganisms that can lead to a multitude of breathing problems, including a potentially fatal infectious pneumonia, Legionnaire’s disease, caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila.


    Feeling ill after work?

    Many people find themselves more tired than usual after a work day. Some of them also find that once they leave the building, the symptoms often resolve. A “sick building syndrome” that’s what experts call a building with irregularly checked air conditioning system.


    Contamination caution!

    Indoors we may be more exposed to pollutants than outdoors especially because central air conditioning does not bring in fresh air but circulates old air. And if there is black mold, dust or any kind of viruses in the system you are inhaling parts of them! Sounds bad.


    Check how to maintain your air conditioner by yourself here.

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