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How to choose between AC Repair or Replacement?
  • January 6, 2017
  • No matter the weather, there is something very obnoxious in having an air conditioner that isn’t functioning like it used to.  The question is AC repair or replacement? But before getting to the big question, try answering these small ones for yourself.


    Do you remember the age of your AC?


    The experts say that the life of a single air conditioning unit is somewhere from 10 to 15 years. If you can’t even remember when you bought it or you even don’t know who bought it, because it came with the house, you have to know that an AC repair won’t be enough. A new one will be much more efficient and can save you a huge amount of the electricity bill.


    How often do you need AC repair?


    If you have spent some time and money in repairing the old one but it still need some work, drop it off. A new one will have a warranty and will operate way more efficiently. And it’s new!


    Using only one AC and still have high power bills?

    If the bills are getting high, you should think of a new air conditioner. The recent AC models are more energy efficient and an initial investment could pay off in the long-run with lower energy bills.


    How much was the cost of the last repair you’ve done?

    Multiply the age of your current AC unit by the cost of AC repair. If the number exceeds 5,000 it might be a better option to replace than to repair. You also have to consider the cost of maintaining an old unit vs a new one, as well as the worth of your own time dealing with issues an old unit might give you.


    There are so many benefits of replacing your AC unit, but if:

    • The AC repair cost is low
    • The unit is under 10 years old
    • You’re selling your house in the near future,
    • Your energy bills are reasonable

    ongoing maintenance and tune-ups will be your best bet to getting the most time out of your AC unit and keeping costs down.


    If you have decided to replace your AC, read this article: How to Choose an AC?

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