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How To Control My Air Conditioner With The Google Assistant
  • декември 28, 2017
  • Melissa Smart A/C Controller Works With The Google Assistant

    Now, you can set up your Melissa with your Google Home. Once configured, you would be able to send voice commands to control your air conditioner.

    Make sure that each Melissa which you have at your home has a personal name in order to be recognized by Google Home as a specific device. As an example, the Melissa which is located in your living room, could be simply named as „living room“ and the following commands could be applied:


    • „Ok Google, turn the living room A/C on.“
    • „Ok Google, set living room A/C to cooling.“
    • „Ok Google, set living room A/C to 25 degrees.“



    Learn how to setup your Melissa with this useful article

    Click here: Control Melissa using Google Home



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