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MClimate at European Utility Week 2017 - Blog | Melissa Climate
  • август 23, 2017
  • MClimate will be attending the European Utility Week 2017 (October  3 – 5) in Amsterdam

    European Utility Week is the premier business and innovation event which gathers together utility professionals, technology providers, and vendors. The еvent will serve as a meeting point for 12,000 international visitors from all levels of the utility value chain from technology giants to start-ups and from senior-level experts to young talent.  

    We will showcase our new smart devices for grid enabled water heaters and radiators!

    Our newly developed devices are Bobbie and Vicki. Bobbie is our smart water heater controller, whereas Vicki is the intelligent decision for any radiator thermostat. Both will be presented for the first time exclusively in front of the guests at the event.

    Something more about the devices…

    Bobbie retrofits water heaters into smart ones. With this smart water heater controller, the users can monitor hot water usage, electricity consumption and the generated energy savings in real time. It is cloud-to-cloud (API) integrated and implements the M-Bus standard protocol which enables the effective communication and remote control (ON and OFF function) through mobile devices. Bobbie can communicate the available energy storage as well as the current status of the water heater.

    Electric utility companies can use Bobbie for demand response programs with residential customers as well as for investment in energy savings schemes.

    Vicki can retrofit any water-heated radiator. It replaces the manual valve you already have in use. All Vicki’s at home (each radiator needs a separate unit) connect to a central hub, called MoM through the super energy efficient L.O.R.A communication protocol. Utility companies can use Vicki for their customer engagement programs and energy residential efficiency projects.

    Both Bobbie and Vicki use artificial intelligence algorithms and need a couple of weeks to learn the customers’ habits and schedule.

    Can’t wait to see you there!

    If you want to learn more about us and how our products can improve your business efficiency, customer service and grid management come and talk to us at Booth number: 2A39 or just stop by to say “hi”, we will be wearing our smiley faces for sure!

    If you’re interested to learn more about our devices click here!

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